Hair transplantation in Turkey / Istanbul.
Estethica is already for many years the top in terms of hair transplantation and aesthetic surgery. Estethica is the most modern and comprehensive medical aesthetics group of Turkey. The group consisted of five branches in Istanbul, and performs any kind of plastic surgery, including hair transplantation.

Due to high demand from all over Europe and the Middle East for quality hair transplants at an affordable price, Estethica group has increased the number of hair transplant teams in order to satisfy the high demand. Although the number of teams has increased, we will not temper the high quality of the treatments.

Our newest clinic in Atasehir, which is located in Istanbul, is furnished with the most modern equipment and all the staff is trained to the highest possible level. Each hair transplant is performed by the surgeon himself together with his team, all of the teams have at least 10 years of experience in the field of hair transplantation. For these reasons, the quality of the hair transplantations, carried out at Estethica, is the most highly regarded in Turkey. To support this statement everyone who has a treatment at Estethica receives a written guarantee on the result.

Given the lower hourly wages in Turkey a hair transplant at Estethica is much more affordable than in Europe or the Middle East, while the quality of the treatment is of the same level to say the least. However, if you require other services such as face implant, reconstructive surgery, and other transplants, you can always visit our international partners.
Before my hair transplant at Estethica, I felt disillusioned in life. Being bald made me feel imperfect. After my hair restoration, even I was shocked by how unbelievable I looked and felt. If I had only known about Estethica earlier. Estethica gave me back what I lost 25 years ago.
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