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Hair Transplantation for Women

Hair transplantation for Woman

Hair transplant for WomanFrom the distant past to the present day, female beauty has always been closely connected to

hair and has always been important to women It has been the most distinct difference between man and woman.

The main reason why women panic when they see that they are losing their hair is that they will lose their beauty and attractiveness. This fear is, unfortunately, supported by the fact that statistically more and more women lose their hair at even younger ages. Hair loss in men and women diverges in many ways. Male hair loss is mainly of androgen type whereas in females it can be a number of other causes.

Women have previously suffered with hair loss in silence, but it seems more are now aware of the possible solutions available to them and are willing to invest in a cosmetic procedure to repair their problems. Over time this causes the hair to thin and if this is not addressed it can turn into a more concerning condition known as traction alopecia, something which means the hair will not grow back.
Over-styling, the continued use of hair straighteners or heated curlers will weaken the hair and slowly cause bald patches to form.

Before my hair transplant at Estethica, I felt disillusioned in life. Being bald made me feel imperfect.
After my hair restoration, even I was shocked by how unbelievable I looked and felt.
If I had only known about Estethica earlier. Estethica gave me back what I lost 25 years ago.
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