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Stem Cell Treatment in Hair Loss (PRP)

Stem Cell Treatment in Hair Loss (PRP)

Researchers have discovered that there are cells within the body called adult stem cells. These cells are the only cells that can become any cell in the body. The primary role of adult stem cells is to preserve and repair your body’s tissue.

PRP is indeed blood plasma containing a high concentration of platelets many times higher than normally occurs in your blood. PRP is “autologous”, that means that it comes from the patient’s own body. When the PRP is injected into the scalp it often results in thicker and healthier hair. Also it results in many cases in hair re-growth, particularly in the vertex and crown of the head. While not all patients are certain to grow new hair, almost all patients report a change in quality of the hair and thicker looking hair.

Developments in technology have made the preparation of PRP more efficient and faster. An increasing uses of PRP is since then found in many surgical specialties. Surgical hair restoration was one of the specialty areas in which PRP is used more and more.

to take this opportunity to thank you all for all your hard work you (Estethica) did on my grafts�
it was a wonderful experience for me. Thank you for making the process painless and for making me feel relaxed and taken care of.
I could tell you were all focused on making the entire procedure comfortable for me.
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